Underwater Lighting Specialties International LLC. Innovator of Fish Vector sound technology introduces Fish Vector underwater lighting systems. The only products of their kind in the world they integrate a patent pending fish-attracting sound technology with an underwater light that is specifically designed to attract fish then garner them at your light source. These products meet the needs of recreational sport fishermen and boaters, individuals who enjoy a fish-filled nighttime view from a dock, and commercial businesses that cater to the desire of their customers.

Underwater lighting addresses the many problems associated with waterfront overhead lighting by eliminating light-attracted bugs, mosquitoes, and spiders. Underwater lighting can provide necessary security lighting for docks and piers while adding a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the property.

Our full-spectrum of quality products are specifically designed for the harsh underwater environment. We commit a high-level of service and product satisfaction to all of our customers. Quality and customer satisfaction are two of our founding principles of business.


Attract Fish

Dock Fishing

Mission Statement

Through extensive research, development and testing we shall achieve advanced methods of attracting fish for research, pleasure and sport fishing activities. We shall promote the safe environmental usage of current natural resources while extending and advancing the technology of underwater lighting combined with audio technology for all generations to come.
Fish Vector
Slidell, La U.S.A.